1708 38th Avenue West
Spencer, IA 51301
(402) 937-9090
Visual Appeal
I'm not lucky enough to have one of my own, but my friends have one and they love it. It's crazy how easy this is to set up and use. For starters, they just pull into their parking spot as easy as I park my car...No trailer to align, no special maneuvering around crowded tailgate parking lots, just straight in. Once you're parked, just a few easy steps and your grill is popped up and ready to go. Flip on the TV and you're all set! The canopy really saved us this year when it was cold and raining. No struggle fit the grill under the awning where everyone was waiting out the rain. The grillmaster kept cranking out burgers without a worry! A++
5 star review of Chuckwagon Grilling System - Spencer, IA by Andrew