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If you take grilling seriously, you need a solution that takes grilling seriously. No more charcoal grills tossing around in the back of your car on the way to a tailgate or family reunion. No more cheap and unreliable materials. If you want a premium solution to your tailgating and mobile grilling needs, you deserve the best product on the market.

A Premium Designed and Crafted Mobile Grilling System

The ChuckWagon Mobile Grilling System by Simonsen Iron Works was crafted, engineered, and designed not only in the United States, but right here in the Midwest. ChuckWagon’s designers combined years of tailgating with 45 years of manufacturing and engineering experience.

The result?

A grilling system that’s nothing like any other on the market. The ChuckWagon’s road tested for all travel conditions. It’s been built to last for years as an outdoor kitchen and BBQ machine.

In A Class Of Its Own

The ChuckWagon Mobile Grilling System is a long term investment. The purchase of a ChuckWagon tells the world that you care about quality products and aren’t afraid to invest in what you are passionate about.

The ChuckWagon is made with stainless steel, aluminum, and some of the best propane systems on the market today. It’s a 40-inch-long, five burner machine designed with the BBQ master in mind. It comes with a glide-out roof, a rotisserie and warming rack, fold out side trays, grill guard face cover, utensil hangers, recessed pockets to hold coolers, and storage space to hold extra propane fuel. Oh, and if that’s not enough for you, there is also a big-screen TV mount.

Unmatched By Any Other Grilling System In The Industry

First, let’s talk about storage. The ChuckWagon fits firmly in the back of your truck. When it’s time to store the grill in your garage, easy manipulation of quality-designed locking pins and rails allows the ChuckWagon to “go vertical” and slide into your garage or storage unit.

When it’s time to grill, these same pins and rails allow the ChuckWagon Mobile Grill to go from “patio position” in your truck to “mobile grilling position” in under 10 minutes. Now that’s smart design.

Everything about this system’s performance was designed with the customer in mind. And, if you’re concerned with quality, it goes without saying that you would never serve a burnt burger again.

With the ChuckWagon, uneven heating is a problem of the past. Five ceramic burners and an easy-clean briquette system mean less flare-ups and even heating across all the entire surface. You can even go beyond grilling and slow roast meat and vegetables. Cooking on the ChuckWagon is worry-free. The hood is double lined to prevent discoloration, and it holds a temperature gauge so things don’t get too hot.

Expect More, Invest In A ChuckWagon Mobile Grilling System

Too many people these days settle for lesser quality products. If grilling is your passion, make an investment in craft, quality, and performance with a ChuckWagon Mobile Grilling System.

Get ready to grill, for real!

The ChuckWagon Mobile Grilling System has many configuration options and costs less than you might imagine. Get ChuckWagon pricing information!

1708 38th Avenue West
Spencer, IA 51301
(402) 937-9090