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You know that feeling you get when you first pull up to pregame with your friends, that feeling when you first sit down in your folding chair to unwind. Pretty awesome feeling, right?

How about that other feeling though? The one where you’re hanging out and you realize you still need to fire up the grill, set up the TV, dig out plastic cups and unearth the cooler from the bed of your truck.

That feeling is the reason you never get to truly enjoy the pre-game. By the time you’ve set up and begun grilling, it’s time to pack up and go. All the fun was had while you were working hard. Not cool, right?

Go from Park to Party in Under 5 Minutes

Now there’s a solution to your pre-game problem: “The ChuckWagon Park and Grill Two Minute Drill”. With the SS16 Mobile Grilling System, you can literally park and start grilling in 2 minutes. This cuts down on setup time and effort, allowing you to enjoy more while working less.

Whether you’re grilling out with the neighbors in the backyard or caravanning to the stadium every weekend to party with other fans, ChuckWagon Mobile Grilling Systems has everything you need for a legendary pregame that won’t take hours to set-up.

With a 40-inch five burner grill, a 32-inch television mount, four coolers, two propane tanks, and a receiver hitch mounted carry-all, a ChuckWagon is a guarantee you will never leave something important behind.

Made from aluminum and stainless steel, the ChuckWagon is lightweight for your convenience. User friendly lock and slider systems make for quick set-up and tear-down – no tools required. On top of all this, the ChuckWagon can be decked out with striping decals of your favorite team to add even more to the party atmosphere.

Football is More Than a Game, It’s a Season and a Time to Celebrate

Football isn’t just about game day, it’s about game day every weekend for thirteen weeks of the year. By week seven, if you’re having less fun and feeling the burden, you need to reconsider your tailgating technique.

Whether in your backyard or tailgating at the game, you came to have fun, not to worry about the details. The ChuckWagon does the entertaining for you. Thirty years of tailgating went into the design of the ChuckWagon. It’s not just a grill, it’s an experience and your guarantee that you’ll have a good time at your next football party.

So sit down, chat with your friends, and pump up for the game. The ChuckWagon’s got you covered.



Get ready to grill, for real!

The ChuckWagon Mobile Grilling System has many configuration options and costs less than you might imagine. Get ChuckWagon pricing information!

1708 38th Avenue West
Spencer, IA 51301
(402) 937-9090