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If you’re the guy at the game who’s cooler has the coldest beer, who’s grill has the most perfectly cooked burgers, who’s folding chairs balance comfort and functionality, then you know this to be true: tailgating is a whole lot of fun, but it’s also an enormous amount of work.

You buy all the supplies, you constantly check fuel levels, you mix the perfect drinks and man the grill so your friends can relax and have fun. But, at the end of the day you’re stuck with cleanup and the puzzle of trying to put things back into their places. All your friends and family relax and have fun while you work. You’re tired of it.

Consider the ChuckWagon grill your all-in-one tailgating solution.

Don’t just show up to the next game bogged down by the same old tailgating gear, be ready to impress. Bring an All-American ChuckWagon grill by Simonsen Iron Works and Club Level Party Products. The ChuckWagon is a mammoth of a grill that folds up and fits perfectly in the back of your truck. Guaranteed to keep your party going at full force while intimidating the opposing team with it’s size and sizzling fury.

Designed to hold everything you need to grill out, the ChuckWagon works with efficiency and is easily transported in the back of your truck.  No more hassle in setting and cleaning up, you can finally kick back and relax with your friends.

Loaded with a 40 inch five burner grill, a 32 inch television mount, four coolers, two propane tanks, and a hitch haul, the ChuckWagon is an all-in-one master grill, entertainment system, and organizational apparatus.

Throw a legendary tailgate party with half the effort.

The ChuckWagon grill will impress your friends and family with it’s size and customized color schemes. Plaster your favorite teams decals and colors on the sides. Show off your pride to the opposing teams.

And for you, the grillmaster, the ChuckWagon gives you peace of mind. It’s lightweight, easy to install with an aluminum and stainless steel covered storage compartment that doubles as heat radiation protection. You can go from park to grill in under two minutes.

All you have to do is roll in your truck, pack up the access area, and go. When you’re back at home, the ChuckWagon can tilt up and roll against your garage wall for easy storage.

Reliability is ChuckWagon’s promise.

Made in the heartland of the U.S.A. by tailgating enthusiasts with of 30 years of experience, the ChuckWagon grill is a lifestyle purchase that offers a Summerset Grill with a lifetime warranty that will never cease to entertain and satisfy.        

Get ready to grill, for real!

The ChuckWagon Mobile Grilling System has many configuration options and costs less than you might imagine. Get ChuckWagon pricing information!

1708 38th Avenue West
Spencer, IA 51301
(402) 937-9090