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The early part of tailgating season tends to be pretty hot. You stand in line for water that’s warm by the time you get it and sweat while you stand out in the sun all afternoon. Here are a few ways to beat the heat and stay cool while you tailgate.
Having a fan you can plug in at the tailgate or even small, hand-held fans will help keep you cool. It’ll also help your doggo keep from overheating if they’re along for the ride.
Frozen Water
Freeze some bottles of water so that when you throw them in the cooler, they’re ice cold by the time they melt. You won’t be drinking lukewarm water with these.
Get out of the sun with a tent or awning. It’s still warm outside, but at least you won’t be standing directly in the sun and it’ll help cool the temperature in that area a little bit.
Cooling Towels
These guys are inexpensive and great for being outdoors. Get them wet with some nice cold water and drape over your shoulders and neck to cool your internal body temperature. They’re a lifesaver. They’re also machine washable.
Misting Units
A misting unit or even the little fans attached to a water bottle will help you beat the heat while it keeps you feeling comfortable.
Kiddie Pools
Keep the kiddos cool in a small pool set up by the tailgate. It’s fun for them and keeps their body temperature cooler. Also great for the pups.
Cool Treats
Popsicles and ice cream are a great treat for guests at a tailgate. Everyone gets a delicious treat and something to beat the heat.
1708 38th Avenue West
Spencer, IA 51301
(402) 937-9090