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If you’re like us, you’re getting really excited for football season to start. We put together some super fun and awesome ways to show your team spirit this season at the games.
  1. Balloons
Get water balloons in your team’s colors, fill them with water and freeze to put in the cooler or a tub to keep drinks cold.
  1. Cooler
Paint your cooler(s) to match the team colors of your favorite team. It’ll definitely catch some second glances!
  1. Car Windows
Use erasable chalk markers to write things on your car windows to cheer on your team!
  1. Noise Makers
Turn a water bottle into a noise maker to get loud for your favorite team. Take all labels off of the water bottle, decorate in your team’s colors, and fill the inside with colorful beans, rice, beads, etc. to make noise.
  1. Mason Jar Silverware Holder
Turn a mason jar into a football by painting it and set out for guests to grab silverware.
  1. Ring Toss
Save up some bottles to use for ring toss, clean them out and paint in your team’s colors. Tie, glue, or tape together a thicker rope or purchase some rings (bonus for rings in your team colors). Cheap and easy tailgating game that your friends will love!
  1. Utensils
Paint your boring grilling and serving utensils to match your team colors. Paint the handles to match or coordinate.
  1. Jello Shots
For those who like to party, serve Jello shots (to those 21 and older) in your team’s colors.
  1. Drink Labels
Click on this awesome blog to get FREE downloadable drink labels for everyone’s drinks.
  1. Condiment Holder
Repurpose a 6-pack holder by decorating it in your team’s colors to hold condiments for your tailgate.
1708 38th Avenue West
Spencer, IA 51301
(402) 937-9090