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8. Buzz Ball


Remember Paper Football? Buzz Ball brings back all of the memories of Playing Paper Football as a kid and combines it with a Well Designed Playing Surface. Buzz Ball just made the list at #8 but is definitely worth picking up! Even NFL Players and the Miami Marlins Mascot have played! Get yours Here.




7. Bulzi-Bucket


BULZiBUCKET is bringing Tailgate Games to a new level!  With 3 tiers of scoring, partner assists, money bags and collapsable design, BULZiBUCKET brings a new gaming experience unlike anything on the market.  Elevate your party’s tailgate to the next level with the most exciting and interactive yard game available.  BULZiBUCKET’s bullseye toss game attracts competitive play from gamers of all ages and will keep your family entertained for hours! Get Yours Here.




6. Bru-Bag


Everyone knows how to play Cornhole and most Tailgaters know how to play Beer Pong, we now have a game that combines the rules of both games! That game is Bru-Bag and it landed at #6 on our top 8 list! Get Yours Here.




5. Megapongo


Megapongo Makes play Beer Pong at the Tailgate a hell of a lot easier. Hate Chasing Balls? This is the Game Set for you! With the back boards and the endless cup layouts, this is the best way to play to play Pong at the Tailgate! Get Yours Here!




4. Catch


Playing Catch with your Favorite Football is one of the Greatest Tailgating Traditions. That is why Playing Catch has made our list as the #4 Tailgate Game. It is so simple but it creates the Tailgate Experience and bridges the gap between what happens inside and outside the stadium on game day!




3. Beer Pong

Does your Lot allow open Alcohol? If so play some Beer Pong! If not, there is nothing wrong with filling the Cups with Water and still getting use out of your table! Beer Pong lands in at #3 on our Must Have Tailgating Games List. Get your Beer Pong Table Here or Here




2. Kan-Jam


Kan-Jam is One of the Fastest Growing Tailgate Games. With the Convenience of Folding Flat and the all around Awesome Game Play, it has landed at #2 on our list!  Get Yours Here




1. Cornhole


Cornhole is the center of the Tailgate. No Tailgate Game comes close to Cornhole and the simplicity of the game that allows Tailgaters from Age 2 to 100 to play. Here at Tailgate Giant we have over 13,000 Cornhole Board Designs Available and Thousands of Bags and Accessories, Shop Cornhole Gear Here.




Honorable Mention: Ladder Golf, RampShot, Washers



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